INSECO M&C Engineering since its incorporation operates in the frame of consulting activities

concerning the international trade and investments finance of

INSECO Group which has a remarkable track record

of international projects that comes to current days and it started in the 80s.

in this framework it operates both to support operations in which he acts directly as an engineering company or EPC Contractor, in partnership with other companies, both to assist firms whose purpose is:


• to export goods and services (industrial plants, civil and infrastructure works, engineering, studies, etc.)

• to invest abroad in Joint Venture with public or private partners.

• to enter and consolidate into foreing Markets


The IMC Engineering operates providing the following main services:


• general information on the foreign country of interest for the exporter and the available financing sources

• advice for specific export operations

• research of financial institutions to supply the financing package

• selection of the best possible financing conditions in relation to the requirements advanced by the borrower

• management of all the parties involved in the financing

• monitoring of the financing deal up to the coming into force of the commercial contract


• information on new market opportunities

• market research

• assistance in planning the entering into target markets

• assistance in the execution of local activities, both market and production delocalization


When required,

INSECO M&C Engineering can employ professional titutions foor special consultancies.





INSECO M&C Engineering by its own structures and by the resources of the INSECO Group is able to provide public or private companies with the following main financial services, for their projects abroad:


• International financial packages suited to the characteristics of every operation, including organisation of export consortia of foreign and Italian firms;


• Elaboration and implementation of project financing and of projects based on B.O.T., B.O.L. and B.O.O. structures.


• Advisory to foreign import enterprises, to financial institutions and to foreign public institutions interested in financing packages;


• Full management of all financing problems related to commercial negotiations, including the professional consulting services on legal and fiscal aspects;


• Advisory to establish joint ventures and international consortia of firms;


• Assistance to firms for:

financing in foreign currencies managed also by foreign banks:


- non recourse basis financing and documentary


- financing during the manufacturing phase;

- international leasing;

- assistance to Italian firms for the establishment of

and participation to Joint Ventures in developing countries according to the present Italian and local law;

- assistance to Italian companies to incorporate mixed companies abroad with the partnership of SIMEST SpA (Italian Public Institute for the financial support of Italian companies abroad).

Costumer’s relations

The general agreement with firms covers the following services:


▪ Financial and Marketing information.

▪ Strategic assistance to entering into new markets.

▪ Structured finance.


The relationship allows the company to be constantly in touch with specialists mainly when it faces international finance problems. By the general agreement the company is able, with low fixed investments, to increase the structure of its financial and sales offices working with foreign markets and to undertake, with the necessary expertise, complex operations to enhance its internationalisation.



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